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Back to the Future - with Ernie's OpenCart LIGHT, the speediest Freeware OpenCart Software ever designed !

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Planning on upgrading your aging OpenCart 1.4/1.5 to something New ?
Or just looking for the most complete simple free OnlineShop Solution ?
- Then, let me tell you, why I would settle with OpenCart LIGHT -


Upgrading an existing Opencart can be quite an adventure, with uncertain Results, if one is not a Coder, able to always get rid of still existing Misses+Faults in latest OC Releases first. And, because the official OC Upgrade-Information is, at best, an utterly worthless piece of Crab, if one tries to upgrade as officially advised, one most likely will end up like this:
Bulkloads of OC Users already screwed up on this. It's a Shame, because everybody knows, but nobody cares.

A more detailled thematic Analysis can also be found here:

And one of the few relatively NEUTRAL OC Forum Topics on Upgrade Time and Cost involved can be found here:


But one now has a real valid Alternative! It's based on the latest OpenCart v. Release-Candidate Version Code, available from the official OpenCart Github Developer Site, and released some time ago already:


The OpenCart v. History,  in short, and from my distant + neutral Swiss Point of View:

The Version OpenCart was never given 'Final v.' Status officially. In plain fear of Competition, I assume, because unfamous OC v.2.0 existed for some Months already, when OC v. was made public by an Official on the OC Github Developer Site. But most everything on Add-On's for 1.5.6.x Versions existed already. So, just re-announcing a new 'final' (older) Version would have harmed the new OC v.2 Market, since OC v. would have been favoured by parts of the OC Crowd for some time to come ...

Still, the Opencart v. Release was 'codewise' Nothing New, it was only a 'fixed+finished' Upgrade from OpenCart v., and It's Changelog can be found here:


Since it's Debut, Opencart v. is known, to be top-solid, top-secure, and fast, and not a single Topic yet exists on OC v. Problems, from someone using this Version, as I recall, during my 5+ Years of rather intense OC Forum Activity (~10'800 Topic Replies). And not only for me, but also proven and independent OC Experts, all this makes Opencart LIGHT still the Number One Choice , if one not only looks for Version Numbers, but simply for a known solid and simple to handle final Onlineshop Version Class Release!

Ernie's Opencart LIGHT is fully built on pure (php7.2x - secured / upgraded) OC v. 'System' Code. But I replaced the outdated non-responsive default Theme in full with the famous Merkent Bootstrap v.3.41 + FontAwesome v.4.70 styled Theme Extension, known, to be one of the 'speediest' responsive OpenCart Themes around.


Ernie's OpenCart LIGHT - Merkent default Theme Specification

Opencart Merkent Theme Details


Ernie's Opencart LIGHT contains Parts of famous MaxD's legendary OpenShop Admin Extension. The free Opencart LIGHT Download includes a bright and a dark colored stylesheet.css File, to change the Layout Coloring, by activating the corresponding VqMod.

About 150 VqMod Extensions as well as a range of Modules have already been prepared and ready, to perfectly work with Opencart LIGHT. All Extensions, paid and free, will be listed and can be obtained on Demand.

All this, and much more, combined with our Intention, to make this great + free OpenCart OnlineShop Software to be the most simple and wisely equipped free OpenCart Release, as my Donation to the worldwide Community, for what I received on new to me Knowledge and Code.


Support is NOT part of this free Offer, and/or can always be expected, free of Cost. And if no free Assistance is available at the OC Forum, professional Support might be required, if one likes to change existing things, or add additional third party Extensions. But we also plan, to run our own Online-Forum. Just in Case, if we feel, that the OC Forum would no longer be a valable Place for OC LIGHT - or then, if Opencart LIGHT would no longer be taxed as valable OC Code for / by OC itself ....

Also, the Merkent Bootstrap Theme is not OC 1.5 default Theme Style Code, meaning, that existing OC (fixed width 1.5.6.x) Forum Knowledge might no longer apply, if Custom THEME Coding is part of an OpenCart Installation. Regardless of the OC Version used. This needs to be known, accepted, and clearly understud!

Ernie's free Opencart LIGHT v. Package comes for free, for Developers and End-Users, and/but that's all, you can expect, for nothing in return! That, because the whole OC Concept is not a free Gift from heaven, and not used, to create fun, but income, for everybody involved!


Opencart LIGHT is the ideal Solution, if one does not plan, to waste costly time, and eventually a lot of Cash, to keep an working OC v.1.x Platform alive + well. Opencart LIGHT v. is the ultimate v.1.4.x/1.5.x Upgrade-Solution, to satisfy all Visitors visual and technical Requirements, regardless of their Device's Screen Resolutions, for still some Years (+ more 'latest' OC Releases) to come!

But please be aware, that early OpenCart v.1.5.x and v.1.4.x Versions may require a Database-Upgrade, to further function with OC v.1.5.6.x based Code. Database Upgrades are offered by different Dev's, like those ...:


Peku's Migration and Remote DB Upgrade Tool

Pekus OpenCart Upgrade Support


For OC-Newcomers: If you just want to get a well-done working Top Brand OnlineShop Software, and you don't want to have a hard time, just to find out, how to get it to work, Opencart LIGHT is the perfect Startup-Solution, to keep you from sleepless Nights. It just works, as it comes, and an impressive Range of 100+ useful and free Extensions, Enhancements, Code-Updates + Refinements is already integrated in the free OpenCart LIGHT Software Package!

And the OC-Forum and Extension Sections contain Bulkloads of free Wisdom about Opencart LIGHT v.1.5.6.x, if one plans, to change existing things, or add something new, for what reason ever. Free Literature and Youtube Information exists in Masses, if one wants to get familiar fast ...,

to enable Opencart LIGHT Users, to likely succeed without much foreign Assistance anyway ! More Information and Literature for OC v.1.5.x Admins and Users can be found by searching Google.


Ernie's Opencart LIGHT Software has so far been tested up to PHP 7.2x. A broad Range of 'basic' 1.5.6.x Admin + Front Language Translations is available for free in - arabic chinese czech dutch english estonian finnish french german greek hungarian russian slovenian spanish swedish turkish ukrainian vietnamese - Language. But please note, that only the default ENGLISH Admin + Front Language matches this Opencart LIGHT Version in Full. Still, other Languages are easy to edit and complete by one of the TWO built-in free OpenShop Language Translation Editors. Lower OC-2.0.x Version Language Packs can also easy be made usable and without much work!
Just Be Aware of the Fact, that every additional active language will enlarge the Database considerably, one should therefore avoid to even 'test-install' not to be used Languages in the first Place.

Additional free Language Translations are available outside of OC Extension Section:


OpenShop Admin Standard Language Editor

Opencart Admin Language Editor


Note:  The Opencart LIGHT default OpenShop Admin Theme is not responsive below ~900px.Width. Also, additional work might be required, to 'implement' Custom Extension Links and possibly some Mod-Style-Adjustments to the new 'responsive' Admin Theme Environment.
A variety of free and paid 'responsive' Opencart 1.5.x Admin Themes can be found here:


Ernie's OpenShop 1.75 Administration - VqMod TWEAKS


That's it, Folks. One last Info, to present Facts, when it comes to all those dumb and never ending 'blah blah blah blah' downtalking attempts, about 'suddenly' existing or at least potential Security Problems and/or missing Support for 'older' Versions. It's mostly coming from those, more looking for another chance, to frequently sell 'newest' and 'latest' Wisdom for the latest of 'never-final' OC Releases again.
Sample Forum-Topic:
to upgrade or not from 1.5.6 - is it worthwhile?
But OC is a steady ongoing Project, as most all Coders are aware of, they just don't tell others about it. And most OC Users just don't know, but always expect 'Latest' to also be 'Best'. But they all learn, and some the hard way. Just like in real Life too....

And late Versions OC are partly already listed on Security-related Websites. But OpenCart v. was published in November 2014, and during all that Time, it never got listed in Hacking Reports anywhere. And OC LIGHT only required ONE file, the same as later OC2+ Versions too, to make OC LIGHT fully work with so far tested PHP 7.2x !


So, where is the Problem?! Why not better still use OC Software, already proven to work for a long time, as long as nothing 'Later' seems to be able to equal it's Stability, Security, Simplicity and Performance?! And all OC 1.5.x Knowledge already exists, out of a time, when many fine Contributors shared their Wisdom and Code. This, in contrast to the obviously steady shrinking Project Enthusiasm and free Engagement from the OC Developer Side, as documented on the Image below, for whatever reason that might be ...


OpenCart Project History during the past 10 Years

OpenCart Project History during the past 10 Years


Restrictions / Limitations:

For added Security, the AuthorizeNet Online Payments Function has been removed in full. Not all Modules and Options like Shipping - Payments - Coupon - Returns e.t.c., have fully been tested in this OC LIGHT Developer Edition. I expect to be informed on the Github Repository, if someone runs into problems, to get such matters solved, as soon as the Code will be available on too.


Paid Custom Installation Option:

Opencart LIGHT, installed, tested and tuned on your Server for US-$ 50.00 paid as non-refundable PayPal Donation!


Paid Custom Jobs:

Look for OC Developers with proven Expertise for Version 1.5.6.x Opencart Code. Don't pay them to learn, but to solve your Matter!
Or then, contact me, and I will arrange, to get you served ok, if I would not be able to.


The Opencart LIGHT free Developer + Tester Version is now ready for Download on personal Request. But BE AWARE, that I do NOT communicate with  anonymous eMail Account Address Holders , and I do NOT support Unknowns with NO Shop Domain - related eMail Address! In my Country, we like to know the Party we're dealing with. Like it or not, but I don't care about ...

Developers are free to create/install their own Extensions and/or Custom Themes. Please note, that by use of other Bootstrap Themes, widely available for v. Version Code, the Opencart LIGHT System Code will most likely work as planned, but it also might influence overall Opencart LIGHT Performance, compared with the very unique high-speed Merkent Theme based Opencart LIGHT default Design.


I strongly advise you, NOT to replace an existing online OpenCart Software with Opencart LIGHT Code, but install Opencart LIGHT as separate Shop, and test it first, before possibly ruining an existing Installation!

Except as represented in this free Offer, the Opencart LIGHT Software is provided -AS IS- . Other than as provided in this agreement, it's Developer makes no other warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.


Good Luck !

Ernie (IP_CAM at the OC Forum)
Not Coder, just legendary OC Fan !

Now available for free - Ernie's OpenCart LIGHT - the best OpenCart v.1.5.x Upgrade ever!
Engineered, to be the most powerful Freeware OpenCart, in the North, South, East & West


Ernie's Opencart LIGHT

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